Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Somthing special this season comes....

I saw this on my way to work t'other morning and was totally gripped by it. I could have watched it for hours.
Possibly more astounding was that while I was there not one other person stopped or even appeared to notice.
The range of completely far fetched explanations I've had from my students has been entertaining and maybe more than a little worrying with regard the logical thinking of some people.

Yes I thought it was beautiful but am far too grounded to see it for other than what it was. However it was a 4yr old girl called Katlyn that I showed it to which made it become magical even to me. She absolutely loved it, having no possible reason to believe it was anything other than magic.

I love the chain of events that allowed her to see it - the catapillar silk, the leaf, Autumn, my camera phone, me having even seen it at that time in that moment, the chance meeting with her and the thought to show it.

She was a very special girl and I actually ended up playing with her while her mother finished her shift behind the bar. Among other things we did counting (forwards and backwards) made people and animals with the pebbles she'd found, became 'Pepble Monsters' involving some suprisingly advanced roll play requests of me on her behalf as well as songs she had learnt at school. I had to do the actions as well.

It was funny how I was initially quite self contious at first not to seem foolish playing with a 4yr old ( was in the Cricketers Arms) but then started to realise that actually the people looking on were maybe a little jealous that they couln't play with their kids in the same way..... maybe having been ground down by the frustrations and demands of life so that their kids were now just another demand on their time resulting in their nightly escape to the pub, only to find a scene played out that reminds them of exactly what they are volantarily missing out on?

Who knows... I can only speculate in my usual cynical way.

All I can be sure of is that for a brief moment it meant that a jaded 27yr old and a bright 4yr old could share a little magic.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Blogging Caesarian...

This is my first blog and I'm amazed that people can do this without the pre-school like guidance I've required.
I've needed a qualified digital midwife and some large internet shaped forceps to get my head into/out of/around this.....
Lets hope I'm quickly out of nappies eh....